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Buying items ah yes the great RETAIL foray,

When it comes to bargains common sense plus some tech know how is a definite bonus.

A flt screen tv at a cheap price may seem a bargain for its size and as said price but when it comes to cross referencing what it has to i.e offer re connections, the size of the screen and resolution? Maybe not such a bargain after all!
Many retailers need to clear OLD stock. That can be a desired 1050 HD television that turns out to be a 720p and believe me I’ve come across a few of those whilst doing some retail searching for my sister, desiring a new budget price 43 inch tv. It was surprising how many retailers advertised the 720p without making it apparent under the misonomer that it was HD ! Also the number of televisions without an AUDIO output to connect up to your hi fi bar through optical OR HDMI adaptors et As for HDMI connectors!

Many manufacturers do a cross breed of their products. That’s a model number that starts AF664 and then followed by a number of other LETTERS et What buyers need to beware is how that letter or number that follows indicates changes in the actual product - i.e has two HDMI connectors whereas the other model had only one? Has no audio output whereas the next model similar product code has! Got my drift? The maddening frustration is when you get caught out and realize only after you’ve un[ackled the item that you ended up with the model you did NOT want! I don’t want to sound paranoid but maybe some of us feel the manufacturers do this deliberately? Can we take the old adage If you can’t beat em, to if you can’t flog em then confuse em!

This also applies to various items in particular Video cards. Many cards use the SAME processor set ups. They differ because it’s an NVIDIA or AMD card model et et Sometimes there can be several cards all of them with the same chips and processors et but causing major confusion. The answer again is to do your research based on what you NEED as a minimum AND what you would want if you plan on expanding your use of i.e your computer. Maybe a little gaming as well as your normal use of the computer for office or home or music production?Typical pc video card for gaming

I looked at several options when I chose my Video Card and I could go into detail but I’m not. There are plenty of sites that can offer a cross combination of information on what the cards offer, none moreso than the manufacturers own webs and I add here
DO CHECK out what they are showing re the card you have your eyes on.

Sometimes there are NEW products that are not far off the price of the old model? So why settle for the old one! Also don’t buy what you don’t need! A good video card is more than capable of normal computing needs- if it’s gaming then obviously you need to look closely at dual or triple fan cards capable of handling the extra demands that area of computing requires.
Connectors change so if you need a D sub connection ensure the NEW card et has it! Some have the new D Port ! .Chris from ‘Explaining Computers’ in this youtube video illustrates how they work and the different connectors. D Port is becoming more popular but does it outweigh the benefits of one of the most established D sub connectors?  http://www.explainingcomputers.com/display_connectors_video.html

Lastly oh yes. The great delivery farce versus the check it out locally and go collect yourself, it might cost you a few ús more but?

A monitor ordered from Amazon ? Seemed a real good price. NEXT DAY and I emphasize this NEXT DAY delivery. Waited in all day and hey! NO DELIVERY!! Amazon1April17114

Note the so called tracking ap and how it shows close to delivery?

At 7.30pm an email alert from Amazon and oh yes!

Not only your frustration at having waited on the delivery but this ! Remember that I paid for NEXT DAY!! AmazonBK2
It’s the absence of WE apologise and will deliver tomorrow!

NO! Your NEXT DAY is now at their convenience and oh if it does not occur by Wed 3rd May?!!
Needless to say I will NOT be using Amazon except in exceptional circumstances. I could have bought an item almost exactly the same as my order with them from Argos for a few pounds more! Which leads me to remind you CHECK local suppliers as you may well save you all of the frustration of watiing on Amazon and it’s apathetic approach to it’s customers whilst collecting the item locally at your convenience.

Now, if you think Amazon did well on that order ! How about a 3 to 5 day delivery no rush order, my video card from them? Again Amazon excelled!! Uhh NO!!
Transpired the item was going to take up to the 6th May to deliver and was coming from the USA !! Yes the USA!!

Not 3 - 5 days but you guessed it.. ORDER placed 8th APRIL and arrived 3rd May !!

Even simple orders such as DVD’s that fail to arrive you have to understand that Amazon retailers list delivery dates that beggar belief ! Over two weeks to deliver in the UK that should take a week at most! To make a complaint or inform re non delivery can’t be sorted until AFTER their listed delivery date! In essence any money you’ve paid them is sitting in their bank accounts until after the due date of your goods when you can advise them that unless they deliver within as I did 24 hours the said items I would cancel the order. That was over two weeks later! If I had felt eBay was slow they excel in comparison to Amazon and often are as cheap or cheaper!

Buyer beware! Do your research NOT just on the product but also on the DELIVERY COSTS the delivery date and make it clear that if they state NEXT DAY then you expect them to DELIVER NEXT DAY! Do remember that goods bought online are covered by the trading of goods act AND retailers have to pay back DELIVERY COSTS aswell as the cost of the goods IF they fail to deliver what you ordered and in particular NEXT DAY as you CONTRACTED with them to do!

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