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If it is your first foray into using your computer to compile -edit -  record and create music tracks for writing to Cd or Mp3 apart from a stack of other options ?!

Try what is fast becoming one of the best in OPEN SOURCE FREE (though we do encourage DONATIONS to those involved in this beaut of a program for musicians) computer based software editors, compilers. Yes you can with suitable audio input link to the software making this a very satisfactory DAW (Digital Analog Workstation.)AUDACITY MUSIC SOFTWARE WEB LINK

Lets dispel a few myths when it comes to putting together your talents on a computer re music tracks.

For a beginner if you have been looking around at options you will discover a very expensive ‘minefield’ of retail software from those claiming that it is all bells and whistles does this does that and so on.

Believe me, I’ve been there, seen it , done it got the tee ! You can spend phenomenal amounts of money investing in what appears to be and the manufacturers spend a lot of money in convincing you it is! Flashy ads - vids and more. When you buy the software and install it you realize

  • It takes you years to fully master the core components of the program to a level that is resembling anything close to professional levels.
  • You don’t, nor probably will use 50% of the added plug ins / VST’s and so on. Yet oh yes, you’ve certainly paid for them!
  • Parts of the program require additional HARDWARE to fully make use of the programs utilities.

Part of the problem in using more expensive top of the range programs lies in the ability of the user to fully comprehend the complexities of the program - read the manual online or in text form; watch the tutorial videos and spend time time and more time on everything and anything bar actually working on your desires to edit, compile and make that track!

Often the simple task of selecting your input and output sources can be fiddly to say the least. To those who use the programs regularly its a doddle; but to those using the program for the first time a frustrating introduction to what should be an easy task.

Lets face it, you can’t make that track without an input and you can’t hear the fruits of your labours without an output! Mix the track and then discover you don’t have an output cos something in the program hasn’t been clicked, adjusted and and ! Audacity-212-Windows-small

Why Audacity excels. Watch some of the tutorial videos on Youtube - enter Audacity to see a range of them for beginners to more advanced users. Simple, explanatory and you can have your computer program running as you take time to actually DO what is at the core of what you need to edit, compile and complete your masterpiece! All to a very satisfactory level. 
(Image shows Windows based installed software screen)

You don’t need a masters degree or mathematics or programmers qualification to use the software. It’s fluid in design, visually ‘apparent’ and intuitive re what does what.. play, rewind, record, snip et et are common to all programs, but where Audacity scores is when you come to noise reduction, compression, equalisation. Explained, defined and put to use with you doing what you begin to understand is either of no use to you or very useful and yet SIMPLE to utilize.

As an OPEN SOURCE FREE program there are those who have spent a heck of a lot of their time in putting the program together. DO! Check out the main web including latest releases, what is the correct program to download re your computer system AND take a look at the site re Forums with useful tips and hints on using the program. 
I’m all for DONATING to those who have made this available BUT try out the program yourself and you won’t need convincing.

You don’t need to donate hundreds - a tenner or ten dollars or ! Let’s face it, ask yourself one question.. given what else is available that offers you the chance to try out and educate yourself in composing, compiling, editing and having that track completed to Cd or Mp3 et then look at how much it would have cost you!

Before I finish I want to add one last point. I’m not against you investing in more expensive programs at a later stage froAUDACITY MUSIC SOFTWARE WEB LINKm the more retail based professionals such as Ableton and Cakewalk and and ! HOWEVER after you have used Audacity you will have the skills to be able to understand the elements of a music editing and compiling, educated enough to be able to make the right choices in how you spend your hard earned dollars - what you want from and NEED from the program, what is included that you will never probably use, support and more.

That is of course if you haven’t already realized that Audacity is constantly evolving and will meet your needs as you develop and grow within the program adapting it to your NEEDS surprised that those who create the program thanks to your input (Forums) and others voicing their likes / dislikes have the ears of the developers / programmers /USERS!

The real beauty lying in the bliss of knowing it hasn’t cost you HUNDREDS of your hard earned pounds in the process !

The end product is based upon YOUR limitations NOT that of the program! Be yourself, love yourself is a modicum of truth that applies to music - songs and composition. I write what I love, have the passion for and in the end its my song my lyrics and good, bad or indifferent it will have the desired effect but NEVER at the expense of changing my interpretation like an artiste on canvas paints the final picture.

Think of classical, easy listening, jazz, club music to KNOW how variations of all of those expand the repertoire just as YOUR style can be based on or is similar to any of those depending on how YOU interpret, present the finished work.

To start and never finish is far far better than never to have started in the first place.
What Audacity will do is to give you the opportunity to try out and maybe surprise yourself in just how talented you actually are, without breaking the bank in the first place.

On another page I will go into some tips on what computer you should have that will give you more than satisfactory results using the program; acquiring the HARDWARE such as a decent music fulll or midi or DAW keyboard without spending over the top and yet getting some real good gear in the process. We’ll explore microphones, mixers, cables and and other music interfaces for i.e guitar et

PLUS Not forgetting ! Operating systems and why you have to take into account how Microsoft is changing the face of its future Windows based systems; how that impacts on you with your software - hardware re will it work or cause problems due to lack of support or simply drivers that will not work with your i.e sound cards et. Music editing, compiling and production software for the PC, MAC, LINUX  Full details available on the main website http://www.audacityteam.org/

AUDACITY music software web link

OK I have to add that the opinions expressed on this page are my own. Nothing to do with Audacity its producers, programmers et Web links provided are perused by you at your own risk I provide the links as accurate at time of first publishing the page to web and any changes thereafter are down to the owner et of the web pages you view. It IS up to you to ensure you DO have the right computer equipment to run the program as per the guidelines and minimum requirements to operate the program plus the correct updates / program.


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